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My name is Brandon Burditt. I was born with a bilaterral cleft lip and cleft palate. I had three surgeries in my first year of life; but that hasn't stopped me. Some say I am a little charmer; I love to cuddle, laugh, and play.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

7 (and a 1/2) years later...

Sorry for the big gap in postings.  Life has been very busy to say the least.  All I can say is that it's a different kind of busy as your little one gets older.  School and extracurricular activities seemed to replace the running around after the toddler, but I'm happy to report Bubba is doing well.  We have had some medical battles this past year unfortunately, but we are hoping that after his surgery next month the urinary issues will be resolved.  He has had some ongoing staph UTIs so he will be having reconstructive surgery in November.  Bubba also had another set of ear tubes put in this year as his hearing had taken another nose dive when the prior T-tubes fell out.  Conductive hearing loss impacted his learning and performance at school significantly so the tubes were a necessity.  Recently he attended Cleft Clinic and we were told his next palate surgery/bone grafting will be approaching soon.  We have x-rays scheduled soon to give us a more definitive time frame.  I've gotta say I'm really nervous about this.  It's interesting to note that the older my son gets the more inquisitive he is at these appointments.  So not only do I get to absorb the information, but I get to answer questions such as "Why do I have to have surgery on my mouth again?  It's fine."  "Why are they going to take my bone out of my hip?  If they do that I will die mom!!"  It's never ending, but I assure you, as a parent you will find the right words to help them through this.  At least I have so far, and by the grace of God I will continue to try my best.

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