A Little Blessing

My name is Brandon Burditt. I was born with a bilaterral cleft lip and cleft palate. I had three surgeries in my first year of life; but that hasn't stopped me. Some say I am a little charmer; I love to cuddle, laugh, and play.
This is my journey...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting the Growth Hormone Shots

So we met with Brandon's endocrinologist to review all of the testing. He stated Brandon was a good candidate for starting Growth Hormone Injections. This medication is very costly and some insurances will not cover this treatment at all. We are fortunate to have an insurance provider that will cover 80% of the cost, but our 20% portion is still rather large. I recommend anyone who has children who are in need of growth hormone therapy to contact the drug company who makes the product your physician recommends. Even though insurance is paying 80%, I called the drug company and applied for patient assistance. We qualified for $125 per month towards are cost which helps tremendously.
He is supposed to get one shot every night. This will continue most likely until he is a teenager and he has hit an appropriate height and weight for his age. I'm not thrilled about having to give him a shot every night, but I also realize he needs this, and it will help him in the long run.

This is Brandon before starting his growth hormone shots...Age: 17 1/2 months, Weight: 19 pounds, Height: 28 1/4 inches. He is currently plotting below 0% on the growth chart for his age.

So...Daddy gave Brandon's first injection while I held his leg. I have to say, Brandon did extremely well. He "whimpered" a few seconds and then stopped as I held him and gave him his nightly cup of milk.

This is him a few minutes afterwards...doing very well as you can see.

Day number two - I gave him his injection this time while his dad held his leg in place. As a nurse I have given many shots and I thought to myself "Piece of cake...I can do this". Medically I know how to give injections properly and it's never bothered me before to poke someone, but as a mom feeling the needle poke through my babies skin made me feel horrible inside...I was thinking to myself "What have I just done to him?" It all went well and I know this is just something that has to be done. Afterwards...again...just a slight whimper from him for a few seconds; and then I held him, gave him his milk, and all was well. He is doing fantastic.