A Little Blessing

My name is Brandon Burditt. I was born with a bilaterral cleft lip and cleft palate. I had three surgeries in my first year of life; but that hasn't stopped me. Some say I am a little charmer; I love to cuddle, laugh, and play.
This is my journey...

Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Year Update

So we have hit our 5 year mark and it is quite surreal to me.  Time flies by so fast.  Brandon remains a very active little guy.  He has played various sports, the newest being wrestling.  Unfortunately Brandon has added a new scar to his face (not surgery related) after an unfortunate accident involving the kids playing golf outside.  He handled this like a champ as he has with everything else.  Every day he continues to amaze me.  He continues his growth hormone injections daily and is making good progress with his growth and development.  We continue to follow the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor after his second set of tubes had been put in.  Looks like we may be visiting the eye doctor again shortly as we are questioning some vision concerns.  He is getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall so his preschool is getting ready to test him again so he can remain on an IEP in kindergarten and continue with speech and occupational therapy services.  No new scheduled surgeries at this time.
 This is going to leave another scar :(
 Taking it like a champ!
 Halloween 2012 - Brandon as Handy Smurf bottom right corner

 First wrestling weigh in 38#
 Super happy after his first tournament with several wins :)
 Daycare friends celebrating Brandon's 5th Birthday
5 Years Old